How to organize yourself and what to prepare?

Receiving a teacher at your home can be a great learning experience! To ensure that everything goes smoothly and productively, here are some tips on how to organize yourself and what to prepare:   

Appropriate space: Choose a quiet and comfortable room in your home for the lesson. Make sure the environment is free from distractions and suitable for studying.

Study material: Provide all the necessary study materials, such as:

– [ ] College textbook and notebook

– [ ] Previous exams

– [ ] Extra exercise lists (if applies)

– [ ] Study guide

– [ ] Pen / Pencil

– [ ] Colored pencils

Study desk or work surface: Have a spacious and clean study desk so the teacher and the student can work comfortably.

Internet and technology:check if the internet connection works well. Prepare any technological devices PC or IPAD that may be needed during the lesson.

Notes and questions: Make prior notes with your main questions or topics to discuss during the lesson.

Punctuality: Try to be punctual to start the lesson at the agreed time and make the most of the available time.

Remember that open and respectful communication is essential to make the most of the experience of having a teacher at your home.

Have a nice day!

Robert at Ramiarina

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