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The acronym SAT could stand for Speed Assessment on Time – students with some experience will understand my call. You don’t need much time teaching for this exam to recognize the importance of pace! And there is a good chance you will not attempt every question with the attention you want. So here you have our response to that: Effective Time Management preparation!

We provide the number of questions, choices A, B, C, and D, or “fill in the blank” answer accordingly, with no text in any manner, focusing on Effective Time Management and student time limits to complete the task.

Although it’s called a course, this is not! It’s just the structure of the questions.

Try the Practice test to estimate your score on the SAT and see what areas you need to focus on to improve your score.

The Blank Structure follows the modules of SAT Practice Test #4

  • Reading Test, 67 min, 52 questions
  • Writing and Language Test, 37 min, 44 questions
  • Math Test 1, 20 questions, 27 min
  • Math test 2, 38 questions, 58 min

Educational settings only.

The SAT practice is not incorporated in the To use the material, please refer to the Official College Board site.

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